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Google's 7in Nexus tablet announced, $199.99

Google will be announcing a tablet later today at its upcoming keynote. As the image indicates above, the tablet will come in the 7in class size and appears to be a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire.

While what is powering the device is still not known (for another hour or so), the device matches all of the previous rumors which indicated that it will be a $199.99 device at retail. We will update this post as we learn more about the latest tablet from Google.

[Update] The tablet will run Jellybean 4.1 and is built for Google Play. The display is 1280x800 display, Tegra 3 with a quad core CPU and a 12 core GPU. Google says this will make everything fast and fluid and of course it has a front facing camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, 9 hrs of battery life, and weighs 350 grams.  


The features of Google's Nexus 7 tablet is as followed::

  • The device will enable magazines to read more easily with a designated Ui for reading material.
  • There is now multiple widget allowing you to find content within their designated categories that you may be interested in. The “What’s this song” widget will listen and find songs that you may not know the name of and find them in the play store.
  • The Nexus 7 will also be the first device to natively include Google Chrome – it is assumed that this will replace the standard Android browser.
  • Support for maps will be improved and certain maps can now be made to be available offline.
  • Google translate is able to translate language in digital reading materials – should the option be available.
  • The Nexus tablet runs the latest games extremely well.

The device is available for as little as $199 and with it you’ll get $25 dollars voucher and free content at launch. 

Jake Durasamy contributed to this post

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