Google's second iteration of the Pixel XL codenamed 'taimen' looks sleek and ready for 2017

Just a few hours ago, we reported on some alleged leaked cases for the upcoming successor to the Pixel XL. Now, it appears that a new render of the handset has found its way online and looks to be coming from a fairly reputable source.

According to Android Police, what you see above is what the next Google Pixel will look like, a device that has been referred to in the past as "taimen". If unfamiliar, taimen is the codename given to the larger version of the upcoming Pixel or what can be considered the XL model for 2017. As we can see from the image, the model looks much more modern compared to its predecessor, due in part to its display featuring thinner bezels, a trend that we have seen a lot of this year.

While the bezels have certainly receded compared to last year's model, they aren't quite as extreme as Samsung's Galaxy S8. Instead, it invokes style that is similar to what can be found on the LG G6, and for good reason. LG is said to be producing the 5.9-inch OLED panel that will be found on this iteration of the Pixel. Above the screen, we can see a large earpiece that resides at the top, perhaps making way for a front firing speaker. The combination of using a front and bottom speaker is quite uncommon although the results are proven to produce an improved aural experience.

On the back, we can see that the glass panel has been reduced in size and the fingerprint sensor no longer resides in that section. As for the camera, the size has increased dramatically, but it cannot be seen whether the lens will protrude out or sit flush. Although getting a sneak peek at the next Pixel is a good thing, sadly, we will have some months ahead before we get to hear anything official from Google.

Source: Android Police

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