Halo Infinite Mid-Season Update coming next week with bug fixes and tweaks

Halo Infinite multiplayer screenshot

Halo Infinite has now been out for almost three months, and as the first season marches forward, 343 Industries is preparing a Mid-Season Update aimed at stabilization and some gameplay changes. In a community update post, 343 senior community manager John Junyszek gave an overview of some of the incoming changes.

On the campaign side, improvements are being made to the Quick Resume feature as well as achievement unlocking triggers alongside other fixes. Stability and performance are another focus, with improvements heading to both PC and Xbox consoles. Anti-cheat systems are being tightened to ensure a fair playing field too.

Following the update, players should also see less rubber banding when they are next to vehicles and debris. Meanwhile, new telemetry gathering tools are being embedded into the multiplayer as the studio is looking for more data " around instances of being shot around walls or corners." Head here to read a deep dive blog post from 343 regarding what its plans are for fixing desync issues and other network related problems going forward.

Halo Infinite pre-release multiplayer screenshot

Meanwhile, the Big Team Battle Motion Tracker is getting a range boost. The detection range is being bumped up from 18 meters to 24 meters, letting players on these larger maps see moving targets much further out using their HUD than before. First-person animations are also getting a polishing pass, fixing instances where the movement can be choppy.

This Mid-Season Update is slated to land on February 24 if the build goes through the certification process smoothly. Full patch notes will also be available when the update is going live.

While the original plan was to have three-month seasons, 343 Industries revealed last year that the first season would be longer than usual as it needed more time to polish and improve Season 2. In addition to multiplayer additions, this second season is set to deliver the highly anticipated cooperative play feature to the Halo Infinite campaign.

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