Has big media jumped the shark?

The traditional news organizations have tended to look at the on-line world with a considerable amount of contempt.

Neowin, which has broken many news stories first, has helped lead the charge of the so-called new media. That is, media that moves at Internet speed. Blog sites have done much the same thing.

But respect has been slow coming as there was always the believe that there was something inherently less reliable about the news from a Neowin or a blog site or what not because they don't have the editorial controls that traditional media outlets such as the New York Times or network news have.

This flap over the CBS Bush memos, however, seems to call that all into question. The documents CBS had insisted were authentic seem pretty obvious forgeries and the further third parties investigate, the more it seems that the entire process - the so called "layers of editiorial control" were little more than empty claims.

Here's an article that argues that this CBS memo scandal may be the moment that old media "jumped the shark".

View: Has old media jumped the shark?

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