Heathrow Airport trials 30-minute COVID-19 testing with Yoti

The Yoti logo next to the phone app

Heathrow Airport has been working with Yoti and FRANKD to test passengers for COVID-19 and return their results in just 30 minutes. Once tests have been processed, users will get their results directly in the Yoti digital identity app and be able to use it at airports to prove that they are not carrying the virus.

Before passengers take their test, they’ll be asked to download the Yoti app, and then they’ll give a swab sample which takes about a minute. Passengers then open up the Yoti app and scan the QR code on their test kit which will link it to their digital identity before leaving the testing site. The sample is then analysed and after 30 minutes the results are sent directly to the Yoti app equipping passengers with a digital health certificate.

Commenting on the trial, Kasjan Szemianko, CTO of GeneMe and developer of FRANKD, said:

“We have partnered with Yoti because their digital ID app is secure and cannot be spoofed. We are thrilled to see FRANKD trialled with Heathrow. We expect FRANKD with Yoti will help create fast effective testing and Safe Spaces all over the world.”

With Yoti, people can upload their ID documents such as a passport, driver's license, or national ID. Users could then share limited information, such as their age, in places such as off-licenses to buy over-18 goods without having to carry about sensitive documents.

The COVID-19 pandemic could be the catalyst for digital identity apps such as Yoti as economies try to open up in as safe as possible a manner. Similar to face masks, there will likely be people that are resistant to such technologies but they could prove to be essential going forward.

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