Here's where you can watch tomorrow's Nintendo Direct presentation [Update]

Nintendo fans have been eager for a new Direct presentation since the company's last event at E3 back in June, where most of the focus on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title. There have been a few presentations since then, but they've either focused on a single title or indie games. Now, the company is readying a new presentation for tomorrow, this time focusing on major upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS consoles.

The new Nintendo Direct will be airing at 3pm Pacific Time/6pm Eastern Time/11pm GMT, and it will be about 35 minutes long. In addition to upcoming games, it's also possible that the company will provide more details about the Switch Online service, as well as the rumored system update for the console. If you're interested, you can watch the presentation on Nintendo's official website.

The Nintendo Switch has been quite the success story for the Japanese company, having recently hit five million units sold in its home country. In addition to a wide variety of indie titles, the platform has already received some popular games such as Fortnite and Paladins. As for the 3DS, it's nearing the end of its life, but Nintendo is still providing some titles for the handheld, which it sees as a cheaper entry point for the gaming market.

Update: Due to the devastating earthquake that struck the Japanese region of Hokkaido - killing at least seven people - Nintendo has postponed the Direct presentation to an unspecified date. We'll update this article with more information when it becomes available.

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