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HP releases trailer for new "The Wolf" short starring Christian Slater and Jonathan Banks

Today is the start of the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. HP has been using this conference as a launch pad for its series of videos that highlight the importance of computer security, especially as it relates to printers. Last year we were on site and watched The Wolf: The Hunt Continues, starring Christian Slater. This year, HP didn't quite finish the third installment of the series, dubbed True Alpha, but it did release a short teaser trailer.

The video, available on YouTube and embedded above, has very high production value and stars not only Christian Slater as The Wolf, but adds a second character, The Fixer, played by Jonathan Banks of Breaking Bad fame. The teaser is only 92 seconds long, but HP tells us that the actual film will be "around 20 minutes." While no actual release date has been announced, we're told that it should be available within the next few weeks.

The entire video series has been a big success for HP. While it's clearly trying to sell its own printers and laptops, the movies do a great job of highlighting how a vulnerability in a relatively benign product can be used to escalate permissions in other parts of an organization in order to cause massive issues. The fact that they're fun and entertaining to watch is a bonus, and the issues depicted in the films apply to practically any organization.

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