Huawei: No Windows Phone 8 announcements yet

Last week, rumors hit the Internet that Chinese-based smartphone maker Huawei would officially reveal its plans for its own Windows Phone 8-based smartphone. The reveal was supposed to have occurred on Tuesday, but that day came and went with no such announcement.

Now, reports that, according to a spokesperson for the company, Huawei never had any press event planned for this week. It added that its specific Windows Phone 8 announcement will be coming "in due course where details of the smartphone will be confirmed".

So when will that be? The same report claims that Huawei will no longer make any pre-launch announcements for its smartphones. Instead, it is following the Apple model and will offer up details of its Windows Phone 8 product when it is ready to ship. That could mean we will be waiting until November, or later, for such an announcement.

Microsoft's other three official Windows Phone 8 hardware partners (Samsung, Nokia and HTC) have all revealed their launch devices, but they are not likely to show up in stores until sometime in early November. Another Chinese-based company, ZTE, has hinted strongly it will launch its own Windows Phone 8 device in the near future.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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