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Hyperkin announces plans to release a new HDMI cable for the original Xbox

It's hard to believe, but 17 years ago, Microsoft launched its first gaming console, the Xbox. Now, nearly two decades after its release, Hyperkin is announcing plans to release a new accessory for the console.

Although the original Xbox had the ability to output in HD, it did so through component cables. You wouldn't give Hyperkin much credit if it just released a component solution in 2018. Luckily, the firm has something better in mind with its cable that will output to a display using HDMI. The original Xbox has a proprietary port on the back, so presumably, it will go from that port to HDMI. The solution will allow the Xbox to output at a max resolution of 1080i. This isn't the first cable of its kind, with other companies making something similar, but it could be the first to be approved and licensed by Xbox.

Hyperkin has been paying homage to the original Xbox quite a bit, starting with last year's Duke controller. During this year's E3, the company showed off its neon variants of the Duke controller. While the company has announced the new cable, it won't be available until the final quarter of the year. Hyperkin has not announced a price.

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