iBook repair program may yield surprise upgrades

Some Apple iBook G3 owners seeking repairs under the company's extended logic board replacement program may receive a slightly faster machine after repairs are complete.

Apple Computer may begin substituting 700MHz logic boards for some 600MHz iBook models that are in need of repair, due to "unforeseen inventory constraints" of the 600MHz iBook logic board and G3 processor, AppleInsider has learned. The substitution would provide a 100MHz speed increase to some 600MHz iBook customers who were the unfortunate recipients of slightly defective iBooks from the company's iBook G3 product line.

Apple began informing service providers of the substitutions earlier this week, noting that they are "temporary only and subject to change without notice." The substations apply to service centers in US, Canada, and Latin America. The company asked that its service providers "not set any customer expectations as to the type of logic board that may replace a defective module," as "not all defective iBook logic boards will be replaced with an upgraded logic board."

News source: AppleInsider

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