IE 9 now second most popular browser for Windows 7

Microsoft continues to promote the use of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser ahead of others. In its newest IE blog post the company showed that with PCs that are running Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 is now just barely above Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox browser in usage, with IE 9 now being used by just under 25 percent of people with Windows 7 PCs worldwide.

Microsoft says that IE 9 is now just behind IE 8 in Windows 7 web browser usage worldwide. It also announced that in the US, IE 9 should soon be the number one web browser used with Windows 7 PCs. Internent Explorer 9 officially launched for Windows 7 in March 2011.

As with other web browser usage info, Microsoft gets its stats from the web site. The same web site showed that Internet Explorer 8 is still the most used web browser worldwide, regardless of the operating system, with 28.2 percent of the world's browser market share. Chrome is number 2 with 14.58 percent, Internet Explorer 9 is third with 10.25 percent, IE 6 is fourth with 8.03 percent and Firefox is fifth with 7.27 percent.

Microsoft has been promoting the use of IE 9 over older browsers for some time, especially IE 6 which the company says should be dumped by users for both security reasons as well as for better compatibility with web sites that use more advanced HTML5 features.

Image via Microsoft

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