Immortals of Aveum is an EA magic-themed FPS with a 25-hour campaign and it's coming July 20

Immortals of Aveum

Most first-person shooters are sci-fi or modern military games with lots of guns. The upcoming game Immortals of Aveum is a bit different. It's a fantasy-themed FPS with spells instead of guns, and instead of a big multiplayer component, it has a 25-hour single-player campaign.

Best of all, we don't have long to wait before we get to play the game. Immortals of Aveum is coming July 20 from Electronic Arts, via their third-party EA Originals lineup. It's the first game from developer Ascendant Studios. The game got a teaser trailer in December 2022 as part of The Game Awards, but today, the title got a full preview reveal from a number of publications.

Xbox Wire is among those who got to preview the game. The player character is named Jak, who has to learn how to use and control the magic in the land of Aveum to save it from destruction. The preview states:

The shooting mechanic in Immortals of Aveum consists of three main types of magic. Jak harnesses his powers through his Sigil, and can fire Force (blue), Chaos (red) and Life (green) magic. Each of these types have different ranges and fire rates, giving you the opportunity to mix it up depending on your playstyle. There’s over 25 spells and 80 Talents to unlock throughout the game, so combat can be deeply customised for every brawl and battle.

The game is coming to the PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store, along with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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