Intel Canterwood 3GHz/800 FSB combo is a real road scorcher

UNTIL OCTOBER/NOVEMBER last year all motherboard manufacturers expected the "satanic" front side bus 666 to turn up, Intel caught most people on the hop, skipped this loaded number and chose to go directly for a front side bus speed of 800MHz on its new Pentium 4s.

The real frequency is 200MHz multiplied by four since that's how Intel's quad pump bus marchitecture works. The new P4 3.0 "C" gets its name as Revision A was Northwood, revision B was HT enabled 3.06 GHz and now we've got the 3.0 GHz C. The cache remains at 512KB and the number of SSE 2 instruction is 144 while, as we said, Intel overclocked its own marchitecture and made this PCP work at 266 MHz faster than the earlier FSB 533 CPU. Canterwood is something that killed Intel's chipset Granite Bay before it was even born since it looked attractive even then. Hyper Threading is built in which can result in some performance increase in some applications.

The new stuff that you will get from this CPU is the FSB 800 that delivers 6.4 GB/sec and features a "split transaction deeply pipelined bus", whatever that means. It's important to know that this CPU will work with all existing IA-32 applications and will work on existing operating systems. The Pentium 4 3-0 C uses a standard socket Micro 478 and looks identical to previous P4's.

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