It's Curtains For Windows 95

Thanks Bink for this tremendous article on the EOL for Win3.x and Windows 95.

I remember my first experience with DOS and Windows 3.1 & thinking it was so cool, who was I kidding! :P

Whether you love or hate Microsoft, there's no escaping the fact that Windows 3x and 9x are among the most--and may simply be the most--important pieces of commercial software ever released. They introduced more people to computing than all other operating system platforms combined. In a very real way, Win3x and Win9x defined computing, for good or ill, for hundreds of millions of users.

Even non-Windows users benefited from Win3x and 9x. For example, take cheap hardware: The $2,200 that bought a 16-MHz PC with 2 megs of RAM in 1990 will today get you a box roughly 200 times as powerful, with a CPU running at more than 2 GHz and with 512 MB of RAM. Or, going the other way, you can get a complete low-end PC--everything but the monitor--for under $200. If you took away the sales of hundreds of millions of Windows-equipped PCs over the last 10+ years, we wouldn't have seen phenomenal price drops like this.

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