It's months late, but Android Marshmallow is finally rolling out to the OnePlus 2

OnePlus proudly tells its customers to 'never settle' for anything less than what it offers - but its customers have had to settle for Android Lollipop for far longer than they expected.

Google released the newer Android 6.0 Marshmallow eight months ago, and OnePlus said in November that it would make that update available to the 2 in the first quarter of 2016. We're nearing the end of the second quarter now, of course - but OnePlus has finally begun its rollout of the update.

OxygenOS 3.0.2, based on the newest Android 6.0.1 release, is now making its way to the OnePlus 2. Remarkably, the company says its rollout should be complete within 48 hours of when it actually began yesterday morning, so despite the lengthy delay, it's clearly not wasting any more time getting it out to its customers.

Along with the improvements that Google packed into Android 6.0.1, OnePlus says the update will also include:

  • Enhanced Doze mode for better battery life
  • System wide performance improvements
  • Improved fingerprint sensor performance and recognition
  • New OnePlus Camera UI and AF optimization
  • MaxxAudio and Tuner have been removed. We have integrated with Dirac HD Sound technology for the speaker so you get a great experience without the knobs and dials
  • Shelf UX has been improved. You can now long press to edit a board
  • You can now lock apps in recents so they won't be cleared away. We've also added clear process in addition to clear-all for those of you who want a better control of background processes
  • Network operator selection will now stick to your choice so you don't accidentally roam onto unintended networks
  • Swiftkey update to 6.3.3

Be aware that the update "will clear your stored fingerprints", so you'll have to set up fingerprint authentication again from scratch if you've previously been using that method of unlocking your handset.

OnePlus will unveil the successor to its flagship phone next week in a virtual reality event. In a move that will no doubt be welcomed by many, the company recently announced that it has ditched its 'invite system' for purchasing its devices.

Source: OnePlus via Android Police

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