Khmer announced as a new civ for Civilization VI

Earlier this month in its Fall Update announcement, Firaxis teased that new civilizations are soon heading to its popular strategy title, Civilization VI. Today, one of these civs has been revealed to be the Khmer, being led by King Jayavarman VII.

The new civ arrives with the Grand Barays unique ability, that makes Aqueducts provide faith and an amenity, as well as additional food from any farms built adjacent to an aqueduct. The civ's unique building is The Prasat. This building replaces the Temple and arrives with a Relic Great Work slot. Moreover, any missionaries produced in it gain the Martyr promotion immediately.

Meanwhile, Jayavarman's unique leader ability is Monasteries of the King, which provides Holy Sites with some bonuses. These include grabbing adjacent territory around Holy Sites, as well as additional food and housing when they are built next to rivers.

Elephants with giant ballistae rigged on top of them serve as the civ's unique unit, The Domrey. Unlike the Catapult, which this unit replaces, The Domrey can move and shoot on the same turn, and also exert zone of control to limit the movement of enemy units near it. However, Khmer players will need the Military Engineering technology to produce this unique unit.

This Khmer is likely to be part of a double civilization DLC pack, with leaks suggesting Firaxis will reveal Indonesia as the second civ soon.

There is no release date or pricing information for Khmer just yet, but we expect the new civilizations to drop alongside the upcoming Fall 2017 Update for Civilization VI. The game's Digital Deluxe Edition owners will receive the Khmer free of charge.

Source: Civilization

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