Kindle app coming to Windows Phone 7

With Amazon refocusing on the type of brand they want Kindle to be and where they are going to pour their resources, the company is hard at work at the next installment of Kindle. Windows Phone 7 currently is the only major mobile device without support for the Kindle - for the moment.

Amazon has placed up a web page that says Kindle for Windows Phone 7 is "Coming Soon!" There is no information on just when this app will come out, but since the phone is already available in several markets, signs point to near future. The app will feature WhisperSync technology which syncs your place in books across all of your devices, all automatically. All 725,000 books in the Kindle Store will be able to be read, with support coming soon for Kindle magazines and newspapers.

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 will be optimized for WP7's unique user interface, coming with an integrated shopping experience and customization options as well. Users will be able to choose from five different font sizes and three background colors.

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 comes in addition to the Kindle itself, Kindle for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android. Amazon has somewhat shifted the Kindle brand into a reading experience that can be used on any mobile device, rather than simple one single reading device. However, their major focus is still the Kindle itself, as that provides the best reading experience out of all of the adaptations of the software.

Kindle apps are free on all devices, each integrating with the host system. To be alerted when Kindle for Windows Phone 7 is released, go to Amazon's Kindle WP7 page and enter your email address to be notified when the application is available for download. 

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