Kublai Khan heads to Civilization VI as a leader for both China and Mongolia

Following the upcoming Vietnam civilization rundown, Firaxis today turned its attention to the other half of the upcoming Civilization VI New Frontier Pass DLC, the new leader. Kublai Khan is coming to the 4X title as an alternate leader, but unlike most others, this one can be used across two civilizations: China and Mongolia.

The last time Firaxis released a double civilization leader was in February 2019, where Eleanor landed to lead both England and France. Similar to that, Kublai Khan only undergoes some cosmetic changes when being utilized by either side, as his unique ability remains the same.

Named Gerege, this ability provides China or Mongolian players an additional Economic Policy slot for any government they choose. Moreover, a random Eureka and Inspiration is granted whenever a Trading Post gets established in another civilization's city for the first time.

The existing unique abilities of the two civilizations complement Kublai Khan's ability in different ways. China's Dynastic Cycles Eureka and Inspiration bonus is a great combo to use with this leader to pull ahead even faster, while Mongolia's Örtöö lets it create Trading Posts instantly, which combined with Gerege, makes it easier to amass wealth and technologies.

The Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack for the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass is releasing on January 28 with an $8.99 price tag across Steam and the Epic Games Store. As usual, New Frontier Pass owners will gain it as a part of the season pass.

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