Lenovo is developing a Chrome OS version of its remarkable new Yoga Book 'notebook'

From the mighty Acer Predator 21 X gaming laptop to LG's Windows 10 refrigerator, there was no shortage of distinctive hardware unveiled at the IFA 2016 industry expo last week. One of the most exciting and unusual devices was the Lenovo Yoga Book - an ultra-portable notebook that aims to offer all the simplicity and convenience of a pen-and-paper notebook.

Along with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, the Yoga Book also features a touch-sensitive surface where you would normally find the keyboard on a 'regular' laptop. This area can be used to display an illuminated keyboard with haptic feedback, or - when the keyboard is deactivated - it can alternatively be used as an area for sketching or writing. Its stylus works not just with the device itself, but also with real ink for scribbling on paper.

Lenovo announced last week that the Yoga Book would be available with either Windows 10 or Android 6.0 Marshmallow - but a third option is on the way too.

Speaking with TechRadar, Matt Lazare, Lenovo's Yoga Book Campaign Manager, said: "I can tell you that Chrome OS is something we're thinking very seriously about, especially with the big upgrades coming down the road that will allow access to the Android app ecosystem."

That might not sound like a firm commitment at first glance, but he also added: "You should look for us to take this hardware platform in Yoga Book and make waves on that front. Obviously, you'll hear more about that down the road."

But don't expect to be able to dual-boot Windows 10 and Android or Chrome OS on the device - at least, not officially. Lazare said: "We didn't really think about that because we wanted different price tiers. People who wanted Android would have had to pay for the Windows license."

Source: TechRadar

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