Lenovo: We will have better hardware than Surface

Earlier this month, Lenovo announced plans for the ThinkPad Tablet 2, a Windows 8 based tablet that it will launch this fall. Microsoft has also confirmed that Lenovo will release a Windows RT tablet as well. Both of these products will be competing with a number of other tablets, including Microsoft's own Surface product.

This week, Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing has admitted that while we would rather Microsoft not enter the PC hardware market, he claims Lenovo is ready for Microsoft and everyone else. News.com reports that during Lenovo's quarterly financial conference call with analysts, he said, "Although we don't like Microsoft providing hardware, for us, it just adds one more competitor. [They're] just one of our many competitors. We are still confident that we are providing much better hardware than our competitors including Microsoft."

Yuanqing continued to be a bit critical of Microsoft in his remarks, adding, "They are strong in software, but [we] don't believe they can provide the best hardware in the world. Lenovo can." Even with these statements, Yuanqing says that he is "very optimistic" in regards to the launch of Windows 8.

Lenovo's CEO's statements are in sharp contrast to those of Acer's JT Wang, who believes Microsoft's introduction of the Surface will have negative connotations for the PC hardware industry.

Source: News.com | Image via Lenovo

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