Lenovo's Macbook Air trolling ad is still unsurprisingly relevant, eight years on

With the recent unveiling of the new Macbook Pro, many were outraged by the decreasing number of ports it has, meaning owners will have to separately purchase dongles that can support other connections.

With this in consideration, eight years ago, Apple's Steve Jobs unveiled its newest laptop, the Macbook Air, taking it out of a small envelope. It was later accompanied with a commercial based on the presentation. The ad showed the Air in its full glory, while boasting how small and thin the device is, and that it can even fit inside such a small wrapping. Back then, it already had fewer ports than other computers.

Soon after, Lenovo released a parody of the advertisement. While it did also show the Macbook Air being able to fit in an envelope, it showed the reality and the trouble that it would need a bigger envelope, considering that it has to make do with many dongles and accessories. This of course, is a product of the decision to sacrifice ports in order to make the product thinner. With all the extra peripherals, it would then make the Macbook Air too bulky. It then introduced the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, which the company claims to have its ports built right in.

(Un)surprisingly enough, with Apple's trend to continuously make its products slimmer, the ad is still very much relatable today. Having taken out the MagSafe charging jack, SD card slot and others in favor of USB-C ports, it can really be understood why Apple users are in a dongle purchase-spree, and why even gaming hardware maker Razer is poking some fun at the inconvenience this could cause.

And while this trend will likely continue in the future, it is still fun to see how Lenovo kind of predicted the future with the Macbook.

Source: Mashable

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