LG will sell two models of 3D TVs in 2009

LG, a leading maker of HDTV's will be entering the 3D frontier next year. Choon Lee, Vice President Director at the Digital TV Research Lab, stated that "3D TVs are the next big step for [LG]; we will try with one or two markets in 2009" This is great news for the home consumer as 3D is the next big technology coming down the pipe. Sadly that was all that was said about the new TVs. Will they require special 3D glasses, likely, but it is unknown for sure.

One can only hope that these TVs will be sold in many markets but it's still too far out to speculate. One thing for sure though is that when one company puts out a 3D TV many other companies will be following closely behind. In this type of market it's the consumer who wins with better products for lower prices.

It's expected the company will demonstrate their 3D offerings at next years Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Neowin staff will be on hand to cover the latest developments at the show, stay tuned for further information.

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