LG's Blu-ray/HD DVD Player May Never See the Light of Day

In its current state, the LG BH100 player cannot receive certification from the DVD Forum and therefore cannot be advertised or sold to the public. The player that plays both HD formats, conforms to all of the specifications of the Blu-ray disc standard, but does not conform to the interactive High Definition (iHD) feature used in HD DVD discs. iHD is responsible for all interactive menus and special features (PIP, bookmarks, downloads/updates) – this content cannot be displayed using the BH100.

Kevin Collins, a Microsoft representative for the HD DVD group, reported that LG never contacted the HD DVD group before publically announcing the product at CES 2007. As a result of the BH100 not conforming to the HD DVD standard, the DVD Forum can take legal action against LG for using the HD DVD logo. Regardless of what LG does with their new obstacle, it is currently cheaper to purchase a 20GB Sony PlayStation 3 ($499) and a Toshiba HD-A20 ($599) instead of the LG BH100 ($1199).

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News source: DailyTech

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