Longhorn Server Follows Earlier Windows Server 200x Naming

Naming a baby is always difficult, let alone a new operating system. Many of us have heard the litany of names which were bandied about for Windows Longhorn, and most guessed something along the lines of previous Windows: 95, 98, Me, XP, nice and simple. Just a two letter/number combination, or the year. Many had guessed Windows 2006 (or 7). Alas, this was not to be, as Windows 'Codename' Longhorn became what is now lovingly known as Windows Vista.

Aye, matey, but that's just the "client" -- the operating system most users know. There is also the server edition, which until now has still been called Longhorn Server. Conventional wisdom said that Microsoft would simply keep this name, thereby keeping the "Longhorn" bloodline alive. But alas, there will be no "Longhorn" heir to the throne.

It was announced today at TechED 2006 that Longhorn Server would retain the year naming convention, that is, Windows Server 200x. This would place it in the footsteps of Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Depending on when it makes its way out the door, that would be Windows Server 2007 or Windows Server 2008.

Longhorn Server Beta 2 was released to WinHEC attendees in May, concurrent with Windows Vista Beta 2. But although Windows Vista Beta 2 has now been released to the public through the CPP (Customer Preview Program), Longhorn Server Beta 2 is still only available to the tester community. However, sometime early next year a Beta 3 will be distributed to the public.

News source: Pro-Networks

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