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Lots of Bing, not so much KA-ching for Microsoft

Bing has grown almost 50% this year, with approximately 90 million individuals using the search engine.

The Bing Summit in San Francisco revealed that Bing controls 11.8% of the market, up 48% since Microsoft's search engine was relaunched and rebranded in June of last year. Specialized searches in areas like music, travel and shopping have seen incredible growth with music alone seeing an 8-fold improvement. On the mobile side, the service saw a 224% app gain, with 5.5m iOS downloads. Overall, Bing has 28% of the market due to it's Yahoo service.

Google is still safe however, as Bing and Yahoo combined don't even equal HALF of Google's marketshare and unfortunately for Microsoft, they're still losing cash on the search engine and their other online services -- to the tune of about $2 billion USD.

Overall the search engine has improved leaps and bounds, providing services like transit and other services that Google insofar had the market cornered on. Bing has also been offering some of the most cutting edge improvements that have even left Google trying to catch up. Backgrounds, ingenious image searching and more have proven that Bing (provided Microsoft keeps throwing money at the project) is here to stay.

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