Mandriva Puts Linux on USB

Linux distributor Mandriva's Flash 4GB provides Mandriva Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit, which is bootable off the USB 2.0 stick sans installation. It includes drivers for common PC video cards, wireless adapters and modems – as well as the required firmware. It also offers some open source desktop environments, applications and plugins: KDE 3.5.4, Mozilla Firefox, 2.0.4, The Gimp 2.3.10, Real Player and Flash Player System configuration, preferences and data are all saved to the key for use in a subsequent session. Its GUI includes a rotating 3D cube effect when workspaces are changed.

The user gets to decide how to split up the 4GB flash drive into partitions. When the stick is first started up, the user is asked to allocate space for their system. Other than the promotion of Mandriva, and Linux in general, this has very interesting benefits for the average traveler in need of a computer. Essentially, you can take all your files and custom settings with you and use it on a public computer. No files need to be copied to the host's hard drive and no traces of your session are left on the host PC. The key software can be upgraded to Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring, the upcoming new version of the OS. Flash 4G costs €89 (US$175) and can be ordered online.

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News source: PC World

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