Matrox Parhelia 512 Spec Sheet - Hoax?

Warp2search, NVnews, and have all passed on information to us regarding the Matrox Parhelia 512. A "fact" sheet has been released, and with it a wiff of "fakeness" - who knows.

The G1000 is the world's FIRST DirectX 9 compliant Graphics Immersion Unit! Utilizing the eight-pipe Matrox Deferred Rendering Engine, it achieves over twice the performance of any other graphics solution in its class.

  • Matrox G1000 chip running at up to 375 MHz, 105 million transistors
  • Full support for AGP stand up to 8X
  • 2 MB of on-chip unified textured, pixel, and geometry cache
  • 64-256 MB high-speed Double Data Rate (DDR) memory
  • Quad UltraSharp-II 400 MHz RAMDACs
  • Capable of simultaneously powering for analog monitors/ flat-panels or four digital flat-panels
  • Full DirectX 9 acceleration
  • Support for 64-bit, 96-bit, and 128-bit color depths
  • 150 million displacement-mapped triangles/sec
  • 3 Gpixels/sec (visible), 12 Gpixels/se (depth complexity 4)
  • 24 simultaneous textures, 48 pixel shader operations
  • Support for extensive workstation features including: anti-aliased lines, two-side lighting and windows clipping
  • Hardware assisted high-quality DVD playback (IDCT, motion compensation)
  • Unified drivers
  • Extensive OS support including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME and 98, Windows NT Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Optimized for latest Intel Pentium 4. Intel Xeon, AMD Athlon XP, AMD Duron, and Motorola G4 platforms
The G1000 will be available in volume starting in June 2002, in models priced as low as $229 (MSRP) There will be two G1000 products available at launch, the Millennium G1000 and the Millennium G1000+, shipping with Microsoft WHQL-certified drivers. The workstation, quad-display Millennium G1000 Pro and Millennium G1100 Pro will be available with certified driver in the fall 2002

looks good - but could be a hoax- theres a nice pic on the tweakers site on how 3 monitors might look....!

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