Mercora IMRadio

Mercora IMRadio is for the music connoisseur or aficionado who is into music discovery. Mercora IMRadio is the "universal tuner" that connects you to the world's largest and legal music radio network powered by people, dj's and artists just like you. With Mercora IMRadio, you can search, find and listen to thousands of artists and hundreds of genres in near-CD quality sound from webcasters all over the world - you can never find such variety with other online services, AM, FM or even XM. Mercora IMRadio also allows you to legally time-shift authorized webcasts for listening at a later more convenient time or when you are disconnected from the Internet. Mercora's mission is to catalogue and organize the world's music and make it universally searchable and legally listenable. Mercora is free.

Download: Mercora IMRadio freeware
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Link: Mercora Home Page

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