Microsoft & Nokia Joint Press Conference

The Microsoft & Nokia Joint Press conference has just started. And we're covering it live!

Microsoft and Nokia have confirmed the two companies will work together to take Microsoft's recently released Windows Phone 7 operating system to the next level.

As part of the partnership, Nokia will make Windows Phone 7 their "principal smartphone strategy" (in other words, it's going to be their main operating system for all their phones) with plans to work in partnership with Microsoft on both software and hardware features, focusing first amongst other things on the Windows Phone 7's imaging capabilities. They'll also collaborate with Microsoft on marketing and the Windows Phone 7 roadmap, while assisting with hardware design and language support.

Key points from the press conference:

  • Nokia and Microsoft are working on the OS together, so all partners can benefit.
  • Nokia will differentiate as Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell have done.
  • It looks like Nokia plans to use the lower-end chassis, but also attack the high-end market.
  • Nokia sees WP7 as new enough for them to enter with a fighting chance... Android, whilst exciting, was too competitive already.
  • Nokia will cut employee jobs, and R&D funding, but expects higher returns on spending.

Read our liveblog for Owen and Brody's thoughts, and some of our reader opinions:


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