Microsoft aims to sell 100 million Windows Phones per year

Through the single deal and collaboration with Nokia, Microsoft is hoping to sell 100 million Windows Phone units per year as COO Kevin Turner announced during his keynote at WPC 2011: “We have dreams and aspirations that we can get to 100 million units per year with that single deal.” Of course Microsoft is still a long way out from that aspiration, but as Windows Phone 7 “Mango” is launching very soon and several new devices are on the way, Microsoft is heading down the right track.

As WPCentral notes, Microsoft is also plan on creating a unified ecosystem across all their hardware and software enhanced by Microsoft’s cloud services such as Windows Live, Bing, Zune, Xbox Live, Skype and more. At WPC 2011, Microsoft showed, through the slides below, how this is different from Apple’s platform that is divided between their Mac devices and the iOS devices. Through Microsoft’s unified ecosystem, they believe they can “win” in areas such as could services, search, advertising and phone – it will be interesting to see if this carries in practice as Google/Apple currently “win” in a lot of those areas.

Images courtesy of MobileTechWorld

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