Microsoft announces public preview of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

SharePoint Server is Microsoft's on-premises offering for organizations who want more control over SharePoint and its infrastructure. Today, the Redmond tech giant has announced the first public preview of its latest iteration, dubbed SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

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Microsoft has described SharePoint Server SE as the next generation of the platform, and says that it is designed around the principles of always keeping it updated, secure, reliable, and "designed for you".

The company says that SharePoint Server SE offers continuous updates in a cost-effective manner while maintaining flexibility via tools and features that simplify the administrative process. Microsoft emphasizes that your organization will finally be able to free itself of the cost and effort it takes to perform major version upgrades, and instead have control over the company's managed upgrade process.

SharePoint Server SE follows the latest security and regulatory standards, supports scalable and modern infrastructure, offers secure communication by the way of TLS 1.3, and includes support for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) 1.0 authentication protocol. Furthermore, the People Picker has been enhanced to resolve valid users and groups without requiring a custom claims provider.

Microsoft has documented all the features, administrative requirements, and deployment guides for SharePoint Server SE here. To give SharePoint Server SE Public Preview a whirl, head over to the dedicated webpage here. IT admins can directly upgrade from SharePoint Server 2016, bypassing SharePoint Server 2019 as well.

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