Microsoft Arc mouse doesn't support multi-touch

The first thing that comes to mind when you saw Microsoft's new Arc mouse may very well be that it is some sort of multi-touch enabled device. You might imagine that it is designed to emulate a Laptop Trackpad. However, Microsoft states that that isn't the case at all. This device is nothing more than a computer mouse that curves for use and goes back to being flat when it is being stored. This mouse doesn't support multi-touch functionality at all.

An Engadget article that was written prior to the reveal discusses what they believed the Arc mouse was. It states "The mouse features touch-scrolling,[…]." This statement alone may lead people to believe that it supports touch input functionality. The article goes on to compare pricing to Apple's new Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. However, Engadget is not alone in this, many sites had assumed that the mouse had touch functionality.

Paul Thurrott stated the following: "It doesn't support multi-touch gestures or any of that nonsense, not because it's not possible, but because Microsoft has put its multi-touch technologies where they belong: In the screen." Many descriptions of the Arc mouse that have been posted online so far have mentioned that it has somehow copies Apple's mouse technology.

However, this mouse by no means copies Apple. This time around, the goal of this mouse is not to compete with Apple. Rather, it is designed to be an upgrade to existing Microsoft mice. It is designed to be much more compact while traveling and it is designed to remain ergonomic for use at your destination. It is simply a new take on existing technology ideas from Microsoft.

Neowin originally unveiled news about the Microsoft Arc Mouse in an article earlier this week.

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