Microsoft Band: How to see the charging percentage

If you have a Microsoft Band, you will surely know the frustration of trying to figure out how much charge your device has after connecting it to a power-source. The issue is that you can only see that it is 'charging' and there is no easy way to tell how much longer you need to leave it plugged in when you have the device set up for optimal battery usage.

That is, unless you turn the 'watch face' to on. Like most users, I kept the watch face off to preserve battery life and when you plug it in, the device simply says it is charging. But, if you flick on the watch face, you will get an indicator that says the exact percentage your Band has charged.

It's a bit odd that this is the only way to see the charging percentage but until Microsoft pushes down a software update, these are the types of quirks that you will find with this new device. We will have more about the Band in our full review that will go up in a few days.

For now, if you want to catch up on all of our Microsoft Band coverage, you can find that content, here.

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