Microsoft bins HealthVault app for Windows Phone "due to compatibility problems"

Last month, FitBit announced that it was ending its support for Microsoft HealthVault, the company's online repository for gathering, storing and sharing user health data.

Now, Microsoft has revealed that is ending support for its own HealthVault app on Windows Phone, "due to compatibility problems". As Windows Central reports, Microsoft is emailing customers, informing that the app will be discontinued, and removed from the Store. The email states:

Thank you for using HealthVault.

We're reaching out because you are a user of the Microsoft HealthVault app for Windows Phone. Recently, we have seen some issues with the app due to compatibility problems. We want to continue to provide a reliable HealthVault experience for Windows Phone, which we believe will be best delivered through the HealthVault website. We will therefore be ending our support for the app and removing it from the Windows Phone Store.

HealthVault itself will continue to exist, and the data stored within it isn't going anywhere. Microsoft is directing Windows Phone users to access their data via the HealthVault website instead.

Microsoft originally launched HealthVault in 2007, and Microsoft released its Windows Phone app for the service in 2011, followed by a Windows 8 app in 2013.

HealthVault is separate to the Microsoft Health app, which was recently rebranded as Microsoft Band on Windows, iOS and Android.

Source: Windows Central

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