Microsoft confirms Windows Mobile 6.5.3 release

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and possibly its imminent release too in documentation provided for developers.

On Microsoft's Windows Mobile Developer Center an entry appears detailing Widget development for Windows Mobile. "Beginning with the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 release, touchable tiles replace soft keys" is stated in the first paragraph. Windows Mobile 6.5.3 builds have been leaking left, right and centre over at XDA-Developers for months but Microsoft has kept a tight lip about its plans. There were rumours that the software giant may name the next point release, designed to add better touch functionality, Windows Mobile 6.7.

WMexperts notes the timing is suspicious. Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, is due to kick off a CES keynote next Wednesday and we firmly believe the company will detail the point release during CES. Ballmer is also due to hold a joint press conference with LG and Sprint shortly after the keynote where it's rumored a WiMax smart phone will be unveiled.

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