Microsoft experimenting with new related search toggle and Citations tool in Edge Canary

edge canary

Microsoft Edge is continually updated with new features and fixes. The browser is available on multiple platforms, including Linux, and Microsoft has several preview channels set up where it first tests new capabilities with a subset of enthusiasts and developers before generally rolling them out to the public. An example of this is the company exploring the option to replace the HTTPS lock icon with a down arrow because the current icon could mislead users into believing that a site is secure.

Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 has noted that Edge Canary's latest build has a new option to include related matches with the "Find on page" feature which allows you to easily find certain search terms and keywords on web pages as well as PDFs, you can enable it from the ellipsis menu or with the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+F), now, in the Canary version, this feature has a new toggle to enable the option to include related matches:

edge canary screenshots
Image via u/Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)

As you can see above, when searching for "first" in the page, this is found and highlighted once in orange, other related keywords such as started and device (for some reason) get highlighted in yellow. It can even assume from partial words such as "foll" (part of the word following) to highlight in orange, but also possibly related words such as full or roll in yellow.

Citations pane in latest Edge Canary build

In addition "Citations" now has its own side pane. The pane opens automatically when you click on the new "Cite this" option from the ellipsis menu and sub menu of More tools, or it can be opened with an optional toolbar button. It will self populate with a certain amount of information found in the page. For example, in our testing it did not populate the author or the date publication of an article (screenshot above), giving a reason that it is missing, possibly in our metadata (requiring a new reference point) or Microsoft's test implementation of it.

It is important to note that these new features are still being tested in preview channels so there is no guarantee that they will make their way to the general public. Furthermore, its current availability is also a part of Microsoft's controlled rollout strategy for Edge, so not everyone even on Edge Canary will have it yet. We have the Citations feature on our Edge Canary build but not the updated CTRL+F toggle.

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