Microsoft Faces Late Heat over Visual Studio 2005 Quality

On day of its official launch of Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Corp. is finding itself facing some tough questions around its bug fixing policies and plans. According to some bloggers, the much anticipated release of Visual Studio 2005, which is slated to ship Monday, following a vaunted launch event here, may be going out too early. For its part, Microsoft is committing to provide a service pack for the product but not providing further details.

Some bloggers, such as Ayende Rahein, said: "It's interesting to note that nearly all those bugs were known to Microsoft, but were closed because of time constraints. I'm shocked that even after countless CTPs [Community Technology Previews] and two betas, there are so many serious-you'll-lose-work-and-tear-out-your-hair bugs in the product. Refactoring is useless the moment you've a web project, period."

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News source: eWeek

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