Microsoft hurls money into media standards group

Microsoft announced that it has formed a media entertainment group. According to The Inquirer its job is "aimed at mopping up the digital convergence market." I wonder how much money Microsoft will dish out over the next few years for this group.

Software firm Microsoft said it has started a media entertainment group, aimed at mopping up the digital convergence market. The firm said there are risks to all intellectual property businesses because of digital piracy, and so the group will push worldwide standards for intellectual property related to media format standards and digital rights management.

The firm has hired in Blair Westlake, formerly at Universal Television & Networks to run the group. At the same time, MS also said it has expanded its relationship with Lieberfarb & Associates to support the convergence group. Microsoft believes that by 2006 broadband usage will get to over 200 million households. People have also spent $63 billion worldwide on DVD titles.

News source: The Inquirer

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