Microsoft launches clothing line called Softwear

It has been said that a person's clothes show the world who they are. Microsoft is looking to cater to the "hip but geeky" crowd with their new line of clothing, in partnership with rapper Common, called Softwear. (Haha, get it? Software? Nevermind...)

According to the official site, "This collection inspired and created by Common exhibits the parallels between two groundbreaking movements of the 80s: personal computing and hip-hop. Microsoft, and Common, pioneers of their respective crafts, pushed the envelope of what was expected and even what was accepted. Through lyrical expressions and enabling connectivity, the world was changed. That's something worth celebrating."

The first shirts will be sold via Urban Outfitters, with more products being sold at specialty stores in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

You can get the Microsoft Matrix Tee at Urban Outfitters now.

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