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Microsoft Launches Enhanced Release of Solution for Small Businesses

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Ruth Mondragon, CFO of a LaMar's Doughnuts franchise in Pueblo, Colo., wasn't happy with the software she relied on to manage accounting, payroll, cash flow and other business functions. "For starters, it wouldn't track separate locations, so it wasn't going to work once we opened the second store," says Mondragon.

With plans to open four more stores and add 60 to 75 employees in the next two years, Mondragon realized she needed a better solution. "I didn't want to work myself into a dead end," she says. "Where do you go from there?"

After considering several options, Mondragon chose Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Manager, which she had up and running in six hours with minimal support.

After a year of using her initial purchase to manage her business, Mondragon recently upgraded to Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Manager 7.0, the newest release of Microsoft Business Solutions, which officially launched today .

"The product is cost-effective for a small business," Mondragon says. "At the same time, you get the same reporting features that big corporations get. It's so easy to use, even for someone like me, who definitely doesn't have a lot of computer experience. And the upgrade went very smoothly."

Providing small businesses like Mondragon's franchise with technology that's cost-effective and easy to use were key goals throughout the development process of Small Business Manager 7.0, says Jonathan Weinstein, director of small business product management, with Microsoft Business Solutions.

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