Microsoft looking to bring Kinect and WP7 closer together

Microsoft’s Kinect has been nothing short of a massive success. Consumers are loving the device, the homebrew community is exploding with new uses everyday, and it is changing the way we not only play games, but interact with technology.

When the idea was brought up about the interaction between WP7 and Kinect, a Microsoft employee divulged some details about the possible direction for the convergence of the two devices.

The employee propagated that Microsoft is looking into ways to use a Kinect with Windows Phone 7 to bring the Xbox portion of the WP7 closer the console. The idea was discussed that a WP7 device’s screen could be recognized by a Kinect to share data, initiate an action (think show a game on the WP7 and have the Kinect recognize the image and pull up the game in the marketplace on the console) and possible real-time chat interaction.

When probed about the real time interaction, the source indicated that it could be possible to tie in to the newly announced Avatar Kinect platform. When the question was asked how could character movements be initiated from a WP7 devices that doesn’t have the Kinect cameras, the source clearly indicated that the motion sensors within the device can be used to help fill the gap. 

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