Microsoft now the proud owner of

Well, that's an interesting investment. Microsoft recently acquired and, along with a rash of Halo related domains, Fusible has discovered.

It's not unusual for companies to purchase related domain names related to their property, both for late development and to protect them from cybersquatters. Since the other domains are Halo related (John 117, Halo 24-7), we're guessing that the clicktohump acquisitions refer to the rather disturbing victory dance (AKA 'Tea Bagging') that certain players love to engage in in online matches.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft's next Halo promotion will center around corpse humping. They've been known to do weirder things, after all. The general public might not get it, but the real fans would be all over it.

The acquisition of and are interesting, too. Those sound perfect for the Halo equivalent of Call of Duty Elite. Whether Microsoft ends up doing something with these domains, or if they just up like the ill-fated Halo MMORPG, is anyone's guess.

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