Microsoft out second parody video featuring executives

Like the recently revealed “Gmail Man” parody video that showed during a Microsoft internal-only conference in mid-July, Microsoft has made yet another humorous video that follows the “normal” lives of some of Microsoft’s senior management team. Featured in the video is Kurt DelBene (President of Office), Andrew Lees (President of Windows Phone), Qi Lu (President of Online Services) and Chris Capossela (Senior VP of Consumer Marketing).

All four executives pile into a Mini Cooper S to carpool to work at Microsoft and spoof their ordinary lives. Andrew Lees is seen shouting “you should have a Windows Phone, I gave you a Windows Phone” at a colleague using an iPhone. The video also makes fun of Google at several points and you can see the guys are really having fun making the parody video when they (attempt to) sing Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The purpose of the video is unknown as it doesn’t appear as though Microsoft is trying to advertise anything, rather than just have a bit of fun with the executive team in making a parody video. Both this “Normal Guy” video and the previous “Gmail Man” video are quite entertaining and it would be great to see more of these style videos from the Windows giant – perhaps a change from the less-than-spectacular “Windows 7 Was My Idea” TV advertising campaign.

Update: The video appears to have since been removed.

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