Microsoft pokes fun of the fanboys in new Windows Phone advert

Microsoft's Windows Phone advertisements have continuously had a light-hearted feel to them and that trend continues today. Beyond the 'Smoked by Windows phone' and 'Meet Your Match', Microsoft has also had advertisements such as the 'Really' commercial that made its debut many years ago that brought a few chuckles to the web.

Microsoft is back with another fun filled advertisement and takes it straight to the Apple and Samsung fans. In the video above, two sides of the audience go head-to-head about whose device is better. The ensuing fight is over-dramatized but offers a fresh take on the Apple and Samsung fights with the two servers ending the bit touting their Windows Phones.

With cake flying and egos flaring, Microsoft says, “Don’t fight. Switch” and then shows the Lumia 920 in multiple colors and with an award for “Smartphone of the year” in text next to the phone.

The commercial clearly puts the Windows Phone as the underdog in the market as the room is filled with Samsung devices and iPhones. For Microsoft, securing the third place in the market would be considered a victory as its mobile strategy has been underperforming for many years.

The commercial is one minute in length and made its debut earlier this morning on Good Morning America.

Source: YouTube

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