Microsoft prepares for search assault

This July Microsoft is getting ready to take on Google and Yahoo with its new search engine. For a while now Microsoft has been promising a better search engine with exciting capabilities. Capabilities such as "Personalization, understanding local information and having the ability to analyze semantics of a document, browse databases and attach domain knowledge."

Microsoft plans to kick off a series of improvements to its search capabilities starting in July as it looks to compete with heavyweights Google and Yahoo, Bill Gates said Monday.

Microsoft's chairman told a media briefing here that the company had "several milestones with its search site" on the way. "In July, the format of the site will change--and so will the quality of what you get--and the way it'll look is dramatically improved," Gates said. "It'll be later this year that we actually roll out what's entirely our own back-end driving the search".

Gates said the way search was currently done was "very low tech," based on taking a "bunch of words and making an index. "You're not actually understanding the documents, and so some of the false hits you get are almost humorous," he said. "A human would not make those mistakes because a human can understand the document."

News source: C|Net

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