Microsoft release another, and very British, Windows Phone advert

Microsoft has released a new commercial for Windows Phone and this time around, the company highlights the Lumia 735, Cortana and a royal baby.

The commercial shows how, while not directly stating, the royal family, who is expecting another baby to arrive in the very near future, can use Cortana to help them in their quest to get to the hospital, alert the family of the baby's arrival and figure out a name.

The advertisement is exactly thirty-seconds in length, which means that this spot will likely end up being shown on the cable networks much like the company's previous commercials that premiered during the Super Bowl.

For the Windows Phone fans out there, you will know that Microsoft is gearing up to release a technical preview of the next iteration of Windows Phone called Windows 10 for phones. That release could arrive as early as today but the company is still being quiet about exactly when the bits will go live. There is also the lingering question of what phones the preview will work on at the time of release as the current rumors speculate the selection will be quite slim.

This clip appears to be less fluid than the previous Cortana commerical and features quite a few 'cuts' that feel jerky and unrefined for a Microsoft promotion. You can watch the clip at the top of this post and let us know in the comments below if you like this advertisement.

Source: Microsoft

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