Microsoft responds to IE mouse tracking exploit claims

Yesterday, it was announced that there was a mouse tacking exploit in Internet Explorer that was currently being exploited by advertising companies. Microsoft has finally responded to the claims and denies that the exploit is being used out in the wild.

A comment was provided to us:

“We are currently investigating this issue, but to date there are no reports of active exploits or customers that have been adversely affected. We will provide additional information as it becomes available and will take the appropriate action to protect our customers.” – Microsoft Spokesperson

The quote denies the claim that the exploit is currently being used in the wild but the good news is that Microsoft is actively looking into the claim.

We are at a point of he-said/she-said currently as the source claims it is being exploited, Microsoft says it is not and if did report the exploit previously to Microsoft, why are they just now looking into the claim again?

Whatever the reason or issue, Microsoft is now taking the exploit seriously after the issue became public.

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