Microsoft rumored to be prototyping VR hardware for Xbox platform

A new report from the Wall Street Journal claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is currently working on prototypes for virtual reality hardware that could be used to expand the company's Xbox gaming platform.

Microsoft's 2012 patent filing showed diagrams for augmented reality glasses.

The report says that Microsoft's VR prototypes will also incorporate augmented reality technology. This sounds similar to a patent that the company filed in 2012 for augmented reality glasses that Microsoft claimed could be used for multiplayer gaming. A leaked roadmap for the Xbox One that was released in 2012 also describes "Fortaleza", a set of 3D glasses that Microsoft claimed would offer a "breakthrough heads-up and hands-free" gaming experience.

Microsoft has been working on other ways to possibly expand the gaming experience, In 2013, Microsoft Research first showed off IllumiRoom, which projects images from a future Xbox console outside the TV screen into the living room. The company has not yet announced any plans to turn this research project into an actual product.

Virtual reality seems to be the new trend in gaming hardware, thanks to the possibilities that have been presented by the Oculus Rift device, which is still in development. Valve is also actively working on its own VR tech and Sony is rumored to be revealing a PlayStation 4 virtual reality helmet later today as part of its Game Developers Conference presentation in San Francisco. 

Source: WSJ | Image via Sony

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