Microsoft will add Bing Chat to its Webmaster Tools to measure traffic sent to sites

The new versions of Microsoft Bing and Edge powered by ChatGPT

One of the biggest concerns about the use of chatbots for getting information off the internet is that the normal search engine method would die out, resulting in a loss of search traffic for websites. However, Microsoft's new Bing chatbot can offer links to sites for more information on the subjects where it generates answers.

Now, Seach Engine Land is reporting that Microsoft will offer website owners and content creators access to Bing Chat integration in its Bing Webmaster Tools. This will allow those folks to see stats about their website page impressions and clicks, along with click-through rates and more data from traffic generated by Bing Chat answer links. The new info was presented today by Fabrice Canel, Microsoft's Principal Product Manager for Bing, at the PubCon Austin event.

This kind of website traffic info will be a key point in Microsoft's quest to make Bing a more relevant search engine as it competes with Google Search. If Microsoft can show Bing Chat can generate as much traffic, if not more, to sites compared to a normal search, it will be a huge boon for website content creators and operators. You can also bet that Google will try to offer similar tools for Search when it eventually launches its own chatbot, Bard.

During his presentation, Canel also said that Bing Webmaster Tools will add a new feature that will show site operators if Bing Search is indeed indexing their pages. This should allow those site owners to improve those pages to get them indexed by Bing.

Source: Search Engine Land

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