Microsoft rolls out Bing Chat v96 with less "hallucination in answers"

The new Microsoft Bing homepage

Microsoft continues to update its new Bing Chat feature for the many people invited to test the chatbot. This morning, Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services, posted on his Twitter account that v96 of Bing Chat is now rolling out to those testers.

In a follow-up message, he stated the major improvements in Bing Chat v96. One is that users should now experience fewer times when the chatbot won't answer a question for no real reason. The other big improvement might cause some to chuckle, as Parakhin states there should be "Reduced instances of hallucination in answers."

That should make a few folks happier, as Bing Chat has generated some very weird interactions in the past month. Microsoft limited the number of daily chat turns in Bing Chat to combat that kind of "off the rails" response, but the company expanded those limits to 100 per day this weekend.

In yet another Twitter post, Parakhin stated that the final version of the Bing Chat Mode Selector will be released in "the next couple of days". This will allow Bing Chat users to select if they want standard answers to questions, more accurate responses, or more "creative" answers.

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